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Our Services

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Sequent Learning Networks is a product management learning and development company specializing in the combined areas of product managementproduct strategy, and product marketing. Our approach is guided by three foundational principles:

  1. Understanding your learning and development needs
  2. Providing targeted consultative training and support
  3. Achieving long-term results


We offer a full curriculum of corporate workshops and public workshops in the following areas:

  • Product Management
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Marketing

All of our workshops are supplemented with takeaway tools such as bookstemplates, and other useful resources that allow your learning to continue past the workshop and well into the future.


Our goal is not only to train your organization, but also to develop your product management talent. To do this, we provide a comprehensive range of diagnostics that allow us to fully understand the skills, practices, culture, and structure of your organization so that we can provide targeted training to addresses your specific needs.

We also provide a full range of coaching services in the form of our exclusive advisory labs. These labs are designed to help individual business teams work through specific work projects such as developing a business strategy, executing a product launch, building a product dashboard, or delivering an executive presentation. 


For more information on any of the services that we offer, please:   CONTACT US