Training is more effective when your pain points are understood


For product leaders and talent management professionals, Sequent Learning provides a comprehensive framework to assess product managers and evaluate the product management organization. By understanding the makeup of core competencies of product managers and the effectiveness of product management practices, it’s easier to define the kind of training and coaching required to bring your product management organization to the next level. The product management diagnostic services offered include:

Product Management Competency Assessment

For leaders who wish to understand more about the product manager talent pool from the standpoint of knowledge and experiences, our product manager competency assessment provides an outstanding context. This assessment evaluates core competencies of product managers in areas directly associated with work done across the product life cycle.   The product manager competency assessment is composed of a diagnostic survey, optional validation interviews, and a report with charts and recommendations for action. Clients can shape the assessment parameters based on location/geography, product area, years of experience, etc., so the data can be more accurately analyzed.

Individual Product Manager Assessments

For product leaders who wish to evaluate new hires, candidates for promotion, or to create individual development plans for product managers, our Individual Product Manager Assessment can help.  We administer a competency assessment, conduct a 60-90 minute interview, and prepare a two-page report that outlines key observations, strengths, and areas for improvement. To arrange an Individual Product Manager Assessment, please contact us.

Product Management Organizational Maturity Assessment

For product leaders who want to create the infrastructure to better enable product managers, a product management organizational maturity assessment can help.  This diagnostic tool is made up of a survey that’s completed by product leaders to evaluate key practices based on consistency (performance) vs. importance. These areas include: data, processes, tools, and resources.  It’s also augmented with interviews that validate findings and to help make more targeted recommendations to management.

This product management organizational maturity assessment is also used as an input to a Managing Product Management workshop because it serves as a point of reference from which organizational development strategies can be created.

Product Management Ecosystem Analysis

For product management to be most effectively implemented within your company, it is imperative that you have an optimized structure and culture that fully supports the product management role. Our Product Management Ecosystem Analysis is designed to help us understand your overall product management structure, functional interfaces, and overall supporting culture so that we can provide recommendations on how you can best organize your team to achieve optimal results. The ecosystem analysis includes up to 4 days of onsite interviews, along with a comprehensive final report and corresponding 1-day onsite action planning session that outlines recommendations and a suggested action plan for your product management organization.

To learn more about our product management assessments and analytics, please contact us!