Training is more effective when your pain points are understood


Our goal is to have our learning “stick” within your company. This can only be fully achieved if we first understand the competencies and skills that exist within your product management organization so that we can target our training to address your specific needs. That’s where our product management analytics come in.

Sequent Learning Networks offers two types of diagnostic assessments to help us analyze the current state of your product management organization. They are:

Product Management Skills Assessment

Our Product Management Skills Assessment is designed to help you understand the competencies, capabilities, and overall experience levels of your product management team. The assessment includes a comprehensive diagnostic survey as well as a final report that provides charts and recommendations in customized data groupings. Our skills assessment is designed to evaluate 11 clusters of skill sets within the 4 work areas of our product management framework as shown below:
Our standard product management skills assessment is performed at an organizational level. However, optional individual assessments are also available as part of the diagnostic. These include individual interviews and corresponding individual data charts with corrected assessment scores based on the interview results.

Product Management Ecosystem Analysis

For product management to be most effectively implemented within your company, it is imperative that you have an optimized structure and culture that fully supports the product management role. Our Product Management Ecosystem Analysis is designed to help us understand your overall product management structure, functional interfaces, and overall supporting culture so that we can provide recommendations on how you can best organize your team to achieve optimal results. The ecosystem analysis includes up to 4 days of onsite interviews, along with a comprehensive final report and corresponding 1-day action planning session that outlines recommendations and a suggested action plan for your product management organization.

To learn more about our product management assessments and analytics, please contact us!