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Sequent Learning Networks is an industry-leading provider of product management training and advisory services for large, global B2B and B2C companies. We specialize in the end-to-end business management of products, with a focus on product management, product strategy, and product marketing

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Product Management Essentials More Info

Jun 13 - Jun 14, 2017 Stamford, CT
Jul 25 - Jul 26, 2017 New York, NY
Sep 26 - Sep 27, 2017 Chicago, IL
Oct 17 - Oct 18, 2017 San Francisco, CA
Nov 14 - Nov 15, 2017 London
Dec 5 - Dec 6, 2017 New York, NY

Product Strategy Generation More Info

Jun 15, 2017 Stamford, CT
Jul 27, 2017 New York, NY
Sep 28, 2017 Chicago, IL
Oct 19, 2017 San Francisco, CA
Nov 16, 2017 London
Dec 7, 2017 New York, NY



Just Between Us: Beyond the Beef

Check out this podcast: Product Launches, Business Case and Strategy | @Steven_Haines bit.ly/2qX4TPH by @kartvee
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Don't miss the working remotely episode with Bob and James! bit.ly/2rhWLdp pic.twitter.com/HqBmehIAEZ
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New podcast on bit.ly/2qXe4zw. Listen: bit.ly/2qXnGdp | Buy #BunjiBall bit.ly/2qXu3NT pic.twitter.com/haGgu8ZVQ4
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Working Remotely? Pro's and Con's discussed in our new #BeyondtheBeef #productmanagement Watch here: bit.ly/2rhNl1q
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The Product Management Executive Board (PMEB) is a cross-industry group of leaders who meet together to share Product Management best practices and guide the learning, advisory, and certification programs of Sequent Learning Networks.

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