Product Management • Strategy • Marketing
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Product Management • Strategy • Marketing

Sequent Learning Networks helps companies generate, manage, and market more successful products. We do this by providing learning and advisory solutions in the combined areas of strategy, product management, and marketing; showing companies how to focus on the entire product life cycle rather than on any one function or discipline alone.

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Beyond The Beef: Episode 11 - Don't Forget About Me!

#Chicago is [SOLD OUT]. Reserve a seat in one of our workshops b4 they all sell out! bit.ly/2buQ5wX pic.twitter.com/sBObc1ZlFa
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Are you looking for standard processes, tools & the skills for the lifecycle of ur products? bit.ly/2buOWp6 pic.twitter.com/lB42yB8LO6
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|| Too Many Approvals. || Don't miss our newest episode of Beyond the Beef. Watch it here: bit.ly/2b7JkEb #businessprobs #marketing
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Purposeful professional development strategy + perfect ur biz acumen, dwnld Ch12: The New Manager's Survival Guide: bit.ly/2bnVXrL
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The Product Management Executive Board is an executive advisory board made up of key business leaders from organizations around the globe, who are interested in promoting best-in-class Product Life Cycle Management practices.

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