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Sequent's templates are detailed guides for product managers and marketers. They are not just fill-in-the-blank forms that you might expect. They're different because they describe what has to be done, why, and how. Consider using these as prepared, and then you can adjust as needed for your organization.

Free Templates are designed to give you a general sense of our models and methods, while Detailed Guides and Templates afford you the opportunity to learn about, and to carry out the practices or to complete vital documents. To download a free template, just click on the title. Scroll down to view all Detailed guides and Templates.

Free Templates

Title Description
Product Management Life Cycle ModelPDF VERSION - This model shows you the complete the product life cycle, from beginning to end with the underlying best practices and documents.

LAMINATED VERSION to display as a handy reference, please call us 212-647-9100 or e-mail us at
Product Strategy OutlineEffective, actionable product strategies are critical to the firm's success. This outline highlights the key areas you should consider in carrying out this important activity.
Ten Step Marketing Plan OutlineThis marketing plan outline is designed to give you a glimpse of Sequent's detailed marketing plan templates.
Product Management & Marketing GlossaryA helpful list of terms. You can also Click to view glossary
Guideline for Managing Product Team MeetingsThis best practice guideline can help you prepare for and conduct effective and efficient product team meetings.
Strategic Marketing Planning ModelPlanning for and delivering the marketing mix requires a deep understanding of marketing strategy, underscored by an understanding of customers and competitors. This model shows the entire marketing strategy framework, which is integral to the marketing plan, in one complete diagram.

Detailed Guides and Templates

Title Description
Strategic Planning Template & Guide for Product Managers & Marketing ManagersLearn how to create realistic, achievable product and marketing strategies. This amazing 16 page guideline is filled with explanations and "Action Planning Tips" that will help you understand exactly what a strategy is, and how to formulate product strategies so that you can create unique products and services. It's like taking a mini strategy class! Also, visit to view the associated online tutorial!

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Detailed Marketing Plan - Guideline and WorkbookThis detailed marketing plan is your complete guide to understanding how to create strategies that can directly influence the success of your business or product line. This comprehensive 37 page guide is constructed as an explanatory guideline and as a workbook. This is one of the only marketing tools you'll need to guide your marketing strategy and planning activities.

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Business Case TemplateThis comprehensive, 24 page Business Case template is more than a simple template. It is a complete guide that provides explanations along the way that will help you justify investments new products, enhancements, or to justify new marketing program investments. This template is constructed like a mini-workshop, complete with short exercises that will help you build a believable Business Case.

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Product Profitability GuidelinePlanning for, and assessing the profitability of your products & services is an important part of product & portfolio management. This unique 15 page guideline provides a concise explanation of the key activities and tools as you plan for and manage the financial aspects of your products and marketing plans across the life cycle.

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Competitive Analysis Guideline and DossierAnalyzing your competition is one of the most critical activities for product managers and the product team. Assessing the capabilities of your competitors and understanding their vulnerabilities helps determine product and marketing strategies. This guide helps you establish a framework and context for conducting an extensive competitive analysis and in communicating those findings to your organization.

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Opportunity Assessment Guideline and TemplateThis guideline helps the product manager, marketing strategist, or those in the product management community to rapidly assess ideas for new products, new markets, or new channels.

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Product Launch Plan Guideline and TemplateThe product launch is a complex project involving cross-functional team participation, and is an integral part of a marketing plan. This practical guideline and template describes the steps to take, the teams to involve, and the dependencies between those teams. A detailed checklist is also included.

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Value Proposition and Product Positioning Guideline and TemplateCommunicating the value of your products and effectively positioning your products helps shape customer perception. This guideline shows you how to prepare and validate your value proposition and prepare a product positioning statement.

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Product Pricing Guideline and TemplateProduct pricing is one of the most important dimensions for product managers and marketers. It is the easiest dimension of the marketing mix to influence, and can have the most serious impact on the business results. This thoughtful guideline and template provides a helpful perspective as you navigate the pricing challenges for your product or marketing strategy.

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Product / Market Exit Plan GuidelineA critical part of marketing strategy within a marketing plan is to define the conditions which necessitate product discontinuation. If you need decommission or discontinue a product, or exit a market, this guideline provides an excellent framework.

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2012 Product Management Benchmark Report: Product and Market Performance Management

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Product Management Benchmark Report: The State of the Product Management Organization - 2011

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Product Management Benchmark Report: The State of Product Management - 2010

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